I conquered the first day of school

My kids are in bed for the night and I feel on top of the world. Not because my house is as quiet as snoring children, but because today was the first day of school and I walked away with my sanity.

Who starts school on Thursday’s? Smack dab in the middle of the week. It’s almost impossible to always take a day off for everything, but missing this was not an option. I opted to go into work a little late and spend the early morning with all three kids. Everyone was prepped the night before so it made the morning a breeze. Even my toddler was being containable. Since everyone was being so good, I opted to take them to grab some breakfast (Starbucks is our place). Kids were fed and I was still able to take my time. I dropped off the little one at daycare and headed to the elementary school. Traffic was intense but smooth at the same time. Crowds of people but still manageable.

I headed to work and what could have easily been a 45 min commute was no longer than 15 mins (SCORE). I tried to stay on my A game at work because I knew I had to leave right on time. Why? Because back to school night started at 5pm.

Who has back to school night on the first day of school? Do they not want people to go to work? I mean if every kid started school on the same day and every parent took off to partake in all of these activities, it would take me ten times as long to get my Venti Cold Brew (I’m just saying).

Needless to say, we all arrived back at the school at 4:59pm. We went to the introduction, and then had two separate class meetings. There were two different allotted times if you had two kids. Who know’s what would have happened if three of my kids were in elementary school at the same time, I would be S.O.L. for sure.

Back to school night was over at 6:30pm and we were not out a minute sooner. We made our way back to the car and I headed to my therapist, also known as Dr. Target.  I felt so much better when I left Dr. Target, and all I bought was coffee and school supplies.

By the time we were ready to head home it was past 7pm. Was I going to go home and cook dinner? Is that even a question? My kids had a choice between In-N-Out and Chik-Fil-A, and since the line for In-N-Out was a million miles long, there was no choice. We got our chicken and headed home. The kids downed their food and showers commenced. I did not move from the couch for some time, it felt nice. Today was not pretty by any means, Daddy is out-of-town and I am currently a one woman show. Everything that could have gone wrong, did NOT go wrong. And that, is some dope ass Mom shit.

back to school conceptual creativity cube
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com